Ehi dammi un tappo!!! English

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Kilos of Collected Plastic Bottle Tops:

Our aim is to collect and recicle 100,000 kilograms of plastic bottle tops by the end of 2023

TOGETHER WE CAN”  we care about the environment and at the same time help the members of WAYS


Collecting plastic bottle tops and bottles helps to sustain WAYS and its members in our various projects.  It has been an enormous success because eveybody and anybody can do it.  Every day we all deal with plastic containers of every type and to collect them is certainly not difficult.  All you need is to remember that instead of throwing them in the rubbish to save them (only PE or PP).

To give you some information, the plastic used in the tops is different from the plastic used in the bottles.  Infact the tops are made with PE and cannot be recycled together with the bottles which are made with PET. So it is important to separate the two for a correct recycling process.

It is so simple but represents something more important,  not only for the environment but at the same time it teaches our children to be more aware and learn to recycle correctly.

Our project began in Rome Mun. XV ex XX, you can find our containers in schools and local authority offices, many supermarkets and other commercial activities  in our area.  Volonteers pass by regularly to empty the containers and bring them back to our office  “Non Solo XX”  where the tops are separated from the bottles and any other objects that cant be recycled are eliminated.  All of this plastic is then  taken and stored in a large container which when it is full is then emptied, weighted and we receive a small sum which is then distributed to our members.

This project is called “Eh dammi un tappo” and has been very successful in schools where even small children can learn the value of “giving” helping the environment and helping others help themselves.

Please remember only plastic PE 02 and PP 05

No metal tops, or tops from cosmetics or medicine